Posted by: steveonfilm | January 23, 2010

In The Middle of Something

I haven’t been able to write the past two nights due to some stuff I’m doing on my computers right now. Yes, I said computers. Plural.

See, I have an iMac, Macbook, and an iPhone, not to mention a bunch of other Apple stuff. It’s not that I hate Microsoft, I’ve got no beef with Windows and use my XBOX 360 all the time, it’s just that for my needs the Apple ecosystem is much easier than a bunch of other hardware and software solutions mixed together. Plus, I enjoy using OSX as my main operating system.

Anyway, I’ve run into a problem when it comes to writing. Sometimes I’m writing on my iMac. Sometimes I’m writing on my Macbook. But I didn’t have one central place where I could go to get the latest version of my documents. There was always a some form of copying of files and what not. This has been a HUGE headache. And on more than one occasion I accidentally copied over the wrong file and lost some work.

To get around this I’ve been exploring some online backup and cloud based data storage solutions. None have worked the way I wanted. The other night I decided to give MobileMe a try, and have found it meets my needs the best (likely because I have so many Apple products and it’s integrated into the OS).

Instead of writing I’ve been doing some configuring, backing up, and otherwise exploring of this system in my free time. But now that the weekend is here I plan to have this all wrapped up by this afternoon, and back to my writing.

Until next time, keep writing!

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