Posted by: steveonfilm | February 1, 2010

San Francisco Coffee Trip

In this video I show you one of the places in Atlanta I go to when I want some coffee. I think it’s a nice little cafe with some decent character, and I’ve used the location in one of my scripts. Nothing too exciting, but I figured I’d share nonetheless.

Until next time, keep writing!



  1. I love SFCC! I’ve only been to the one on the other side of the VA Highlands (by the post office and Mali, the Thai restaurant) and the one off of Dekalb Ave & Clifton.

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post. Now I know what this particular SFCC location is like without having to go myself.

    Might your friend be able to identify what kind of motorcycle is featured here?

    • Yeah, the Highlands location was the “other one” I was referring to in the vid. We usually hit that place after getting lunch at Surin or something. Haven’t been to the one on Dekalb yet, though I don’t get over that way much.

      I’ll ask Curt if he knows what kind of bike that is. He’s usually got a good eye for that kind of thing.

      BTW, funny you should mention liking sports movies on your blog, I’m writing a sports screenplay right now. But it’s about a track runner… no football all all. 😦

      • Track running is a fine subject. More original than tennis (as an individual sport) and without the requisite “dance numbers” of an ice skating film.

        Would your athlete have Olympic dreams by chance? or would that be too obvious?

        I go to the Highlands SFCC quite often, especially when football season is over. It’s a favorite stop before or after taking in a movie at Midtown Art. I wonder if I’ve ever seen you there and not known it was you because I didn’t know you existed.

  2. Actually, it’s based on the true story of how my uncle made the olympic team for the first time back in 1972.

    It’s possible you’ve seen me there, but it’s highly unlikely. My buddies and I would just pop in, get our coffee, and pop out.

    We only stop by when we’re in the area for lunch. Speaking of which, we found a kick ass Korean Burrito place that’s a hole in the wall on Collier a few days ago. Place is DESLISH! Got a video of that on my youtube channel, or further down the posts.

    • Korean burrito place? Fascinating. I’ll definitely check out your video.

      Did your uncle ever meet Steve Prefontaine?

      • He sure did.

        1, he made the team so he traveled with Steve and everyone else.

        2, Steve actually gave him somewhat of a reasuring talk the day of the Olympic trials, which actually took place at Oregon in ’72, which is where Steve went to school.

  3. I read somewhere on your blog that you rather liked Without Limits or at least didn’t hate it. How does it compare with …. Prefontaine?

    • I actually really like “Without Limits” and have watched it a few times now. Though, some of that might have to do with my being a big fan of Robert Towne.

      “Prefontaine” doesn’t even compare to “Without Limits.” It’s like watching a “made for TV movie” versus a studio film, and even the story seems like it’s “made for TV.”

      The direction is shoddy, the editing is shoddy, and the camera work is shoddy. The acting is fine for what it is, and I guess some of the aspect of the story are less dramatized than in “Without Limits.”

      But all in all “Without Limits” is the stronger of the two, and in my view they’re not even close.

      My uncle salso prefers “Without Limits,” and since he was actually there for a lot of the events that took place, I sort of take his word over anyone else’s.

      • Billy Crudup is a much better actor than Jordan Catalano. I mean, Jared Leto.


        • I see what you did there. 😉

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