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It Feels Good

Even with a headache I was able to complete my high level outline for “Pride is Forever.” Below you’ll find all 56 beats. I’ve already started to flesh out a lot of the scenes and sequences behind each of the beats, but I won’t post those up until I have them completed. If you see a beat that seems overly ambiguous, that’s likely one of the beats where I’ve already got a significant amount of fleshing out done. There will likely be some additional changes made to the outline as I go through the fleshing out process, but that’s to be expected.

Here are the beats, split up by Acts (with Act Two being split into parts A and B):

Act One

1. Doug Brown jogs in his Notre Dame sweats through snow covered streets.
2. Grand Rapids, Michigan – Grand Rapids High School – Schafer Relay – [May, 1970] – Similar scenario to what we just saw. Doug in the warm up area, nervous. Other runners focused. He goes on to win the race with a time of 9:14, breaking the state record of 9:18.
3. Knoxville, TN – University of Tennessee Campus – April 1972 – Doug running with members of the distance team. Doug’s upset their coach is making him specialize in the 10K. He wants to run the 5K.
4. Head Coach Stan Huntsman, Asst. Coach Mike Quillan, and two other members of the coaching staff hold a team meeting. Ask for volunteers to run the steeple.
5. Some party. Doug, and some of the other track guys (who refer to themselves as “Phi Track Attack”). Talk of their chances at the steeple. Doug and Danny dip, Peterman stays behind.
6. Walking back from the party, Doug and Peterman find a girl being attacked by an older man. Doug “saves” her, and the man drives off him his truck. The girls thanks him, but hustles into her apartment and shuts off the lights.
7. Doug running at daybreak. The campus is quiet. Most people still in bed.
8. Doug receives a letter from Father Stevens in his mailbox. He mentions a new athlete (Ronny Weaver) he’s been working with. Reminds him a lot of Doug.
9. Doug leaving class and he spots Victoria in the halls. He goes over to her, she tries to avoid him, has sunglasses on. She drops a paper, her sunglasses fall off, he sees her black eye. She hustles off, leaving papers behind.
10. Peterman working in the Bursars office. Doug convinces him to get Victoria’s class schedule for him.
11. Doug waiting for Victoria outside of her German class. Victoria says she’ll go on a date with him if he wins his race. Basically, a losing proposition.
12. Doug practicing the steeple hurdles. Things don’t go so well.
13. Race Day – Doug getting ready for the 3000M steeple.
14. Plot Point 1 – Doug beats the Big Ten champion.

Act Two A

1. Doug knocks on Victoria’s door to pick her up. She opens it and slips out. Is in a hurry to get him away from the apartment.
2. Victoria and Doug at the Coffee House.
3. Doug drops Victoria off. Doug goes in for the kiss, but it doesn’t happen. She doesn’t want him to get his hopes up.
4. Dogwood Relays – Doug running. He kicks it on the last lap but only finishes second.
5. Later, Doug in the locker room, upset at his finish. Stan talks to him about the steeple chase at the Kentucky Relays. Stan mentions Sid Sink will be there running, best steeple guy in the country.
6. The team arrives at the hotel for the Kentucky Relays. Walk past the Bowling Green team in the lobby. Huntsman points out Dave Wottle and Sid Sink. He finds Father Stevens and company waiting for him in the lobby.
7. Father Stevens and Doug on a walk, Stevens with a cup of coffee. Stevens and some of the other ND teachers came down to watch him run. He has a rough cough the whole time.
8. Pinch 1 – Doug getting set for the race. It’s cold and harsh out. Father Stevens tells Doug about the slow times. Doug wins the 3000M steeple against Sid Sink.
9. Doug at the grocery store. Doug spots Victoria working in the deli. He surprises her. She heard about his win in Kentucky.
10. Doug training. Comes back to find a letter from Father Stevens. Encourages him to continue on with the steeple. Complains about a cough.
11. Doug gets a call from Victoria and rushes over. He kicks her dad out again. Meets Samantha, Victoria’s younger teen sister.
12. Doug stays the night to stand watch over the house. Victoria fills him in her relationship with her father. And why her sister lives with her. She starts to cry, he holds her, they kiss.
13. Des Moines, Iowa Drake Relays – Doug has to back out of the 10K. He’s just not ready. Not feeling it. Stan understands.
14. Mid Point – THe next day – Doug and Stan. Stan wants him to get serious about the steeple. Doug is cautious. Still wants to run the 5K and 10K too. Stan brings up the Olympics.

Act Two B

1. Doug training at the track. Stan working with him. Hitting the hurdles smoother. Nailing the water jump. “Looks like a real steeple runner now.”Stan lets on to an assistant he’s got bigger plans for Doug and the steeple.
2. Doug stops by the grocery store, but they say Victoria hasn’t been into work for a few days.
3. Doug stops by Victoria’s apartment. It’s empty. Catches her on her way home.
4. Tom Black Track Classic 8:47 – Doug wins the race, but comes up short of the time Stan wanted.
5. Montage with Doug looking for Victoria. Old apartment. Old job. Her German class. Anything. We end with Victoria watching Doug work out at night at the track, but never going over to talk to him.
6. Pinch 2 – Indiana Dual Meet 8:44 – Doug wins the race but just falls short of the time Stan wanted again.
7. Doug in a bookstore. He stumbles on the book “Peggy Finds The Theater.
7. Doug out in front of Victoria’s Sister’s high school. He follows her bus. Finds out where she lives.
8. Doug confronts Victoria. Gives her the book. She agrees to see him.
9. Doug enters Stan’s office. They talk about running the steeple at the NCAA championships instead of the 50 or 10K.
10. Doug gets another letter from Stevens.
11. Doug and Victoria watch on as her sister practices softball.
12. Doug, Danny, and Peterman all near the warm up area.
13. They’re psyching Doug up. Doug runs at the NCAA meet. He falls on the 3rd lap in the water jump. Still manages to come in third, with a time of 8:33, qualifying him for the Olympic Trials.
14. Plot Point 2 – Doug gets word that Father Stevens has passed away.

Act Three

1. Doug traveling to Detroit by bus. Victoria sees him off.
2. Doug arrives at home, greeted by his family.
3. Doug sitting in a church. Coach Vachon giving the eulogy. We see Doug in the middle of his family, and they literally take up the entire row.
4. After the funeral Doug in a classroom at the school.
5. Doug and Victoria. He doesn’t want to go. She convinces him, if only for Stevens.
6. Doug with the rest of the team in Eugene.
7. They go fishing the day before.
8. Qualifying heat – Doug runs easy, but never makes a movie past third. The coaches are worried.
9. Doug has trouble sleeping.
10. Race day, nervous, warms up early, meets Steve Prefontaine, tried to take a nap, tried watching TV, forget it!
11. The 3000m race begins and Doug wins.
12. The team celebrates out in a bar, Doug looks distant.
13. Doug in bed, tossing and turning. Doug makes his way across campus to the track.
14. He gets to the track, takes it all in, and loses it, his emotions and the significance of the moment finally hitting him.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, writing a straight drama is tough. Or at least it’s a lot harder for me to write than a straight up thriller/action flick. It might not be the same for everyone.

Until next time, keep writing!


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