Posted by: steveonfilm | February 19, 2010

Update on “Hard Boiled Detective Stories”

I got some good conversation out of my “Hard Boiled Detective Stories” post back on February 9th. Sittingpugs suggested quite a few good movies, including “Hollywoodland” which I’ve actually got sitting on my desk right now thanks to Netflix.

However, I was doing some research on “The Long Goodbye”, which I mentioned in my video. “The Long Goodbye” is a story with the famed Raymond Chandler character Philip Marlowe. Marlowe is a private detective in 1940s Los Angeles in the books, and in “The Long Goodbye” he’s adapted for the 1970s (which was when the movie was shot and takes place). Now, say what you will about the movie, I enjoyed “The Long Goodbye” probably because I just like detective films, and specifically those of the “hard boiled” genre.

But I got to wondering about the Philip Marlowe character, so I started to do some reading up on him. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I’d actually seen a movie with Philip Marlowe in it already, the 1946 version of “The Big Sleep.” I mean, this movie is classic golden age Hollywood at it’s best, and stars Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. You really couldn’t get any bigger names in the 40s than those two.

Anyway, this somehow led me to Wikipedia, which in turn somehow lead me to an obscure blog post which I can’t for the life of me find anymore, though I wish I could to credit the writer. Anyway, the blog post listed a bunch of old history about HBO, specifically including the very first drama series that they produced, which happens to be “Philip Marlowe Private Eye,” starting Powers Booth.

By the magic of Netflix, I’ve got all three DVDs, which composes the entire 11 episode series, on it’s way as we speak. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this since I found them. Should be good times.

Until next time, keep writing!



  1. Thanks for the plug!

    Powers Booth has a great voice, doesn’t he?

    • Yeah, he does! I totally forgot he was in Tombstone too, one of my all time favorites.

      The Philip Marlowe series has been pretty good so far. It has a little 80s cheese, and sometimes the action is a bit stiff, but the stories are all pretty solid.

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