Posted by: steveonfilm | March 23, 2010

Pride is Forever Challenge – Day 22

I didn’t get around to making a post last night, but I did to a significant amount of writing.

Like I mentioned I was going to do, I went back and rewrote a significant portion of the end of Act 2A. It’s not that I needed to “tweak” it as much as I still wasn’t sure I had accurately captured the “message” I was trying to get across. However, after spending another hour on it I’m much more satisfied.

Here’s a pdf of what I came up with: Pride is Forever – WOP – Day 22A

I started into Act 2B in ernest as well. I only got about two pages done, but it’s a start, and things should move over the next few beats pretty quickly.

Here’s a pdf of the the beginning of Act 2B: Pride is Forever – WOP – Day 22B

By the way, if you click on he PDF for Act 2B you’ll see I haven’t updated the title page. That’s because I write each act as it’s own separate document. It helps me keep a better eye on my pacing, and I’ve just found it’s easier to work with than one massive document. Once I’m done with each part I put them all together into a complete “draft.” Anyway, I haven’t updated the title page of Act 2B yet, so that’s why you see the template that you do.

Until next time, keep writing!


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