Posted by: steveonfilm | April 6, 2010

Some Relaxation

I had planned on recording a video about finishing the words on paper draft of “Pride is Foever” today, but the pollen count in the air ended up triggering a migraine.

So I was pretty down and out al day. Fortunatly, I worked from home and was able to keep things pretty dark and quiet around the house. My meds did their job, but I have a hard tome concentrating or focusing when I’m on them. Not like someone who’s drunk, or high on drugs, more like someone who can’t seem to find the right word or phrase. Except, instead of it happening once in a conversation, imagine it happens every few sentences. I figured I’d save myself the humiliation or recording myself trying to talk.

I’ll get a video up in the next day or two. It’s coming.

Anyway, here’s the final PDF of my words on paper draft of “Pride is Forever.” It came in at 106 pages, which is right in the 90-100 page sweet spot I was aiming for.

Pride is Forever – WOP

In the video I’m going to post in the next few days I’m going to go into the difference between a words on paper draft and a first draft.

As a writer, I think it’s important to know the difference.

Until next time, keep writing!


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