Posted by: steveonfilm | April 17, 2010

Cyberspace Open: First draft done

I’ve been very particular about scheduling out how I was going to attack my entry into the Cyberspace Open. I work best under a clear schedule and proper project management in my real life job, so it only seemed fitting to do the same in my fantasy job as well.

After the premiss was posted last night, I split up my milestones into 5 steps.

First, complete my outline by the end of Friday night. This took some brain storming, soul searching, and other round about strategy sessions to decide on an idea, and then craft the story. It took some work, and a little bit of effort, as well as watching some specific movie clips for inspiration, but I completed the outline.

Second, I wanted a first draft complete by the late Saturday afternoon. I knew this was going to be the biggest hurdle. But I also knew the goal for this draft was to block out the action, block out the emotion, and set up the dialog so it hit on the marks I wanted it to hit on. It was like taking a big clump of clay and molding it into a rough shape of what I want the statue to look like. I finished this step a little while ago.

Third, I wanted to finish a second draft by Saturday night. This is going to take some work. I’ve got a graduation party in the early evening, and then a neighborhood dinner after that. I don’t think I’ll be able to get back to writing until about ten or so tonight.

Fourth, on Sunday morning I will finish my third draft. This can take as long or as little as I need it to go. This will be the final push to come to a final way of telling my story.

Fifth, Sunday evening I will put a final layer of polish on it, as well as have a friend give it a once over. After that, I’ll make minor revisions and submit it before I go to bed.

If anyone else out there is also participating in the Cyberspace Open, I’d love to hear how you’re doing about setting up your time, and any challenges you might have run into.

Until next time, keep writing!


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