Posted by: steveonfilm | May 20, 2010

Props To A Friend

I’ve mentioned a few times I have some fraternity brothers that work in Los Angeles in various way for the enterainment industry. One, Lance, works in special effects. Another, Mike, is a producer for some TV shows. But the one who gets to do some really cool shit is Eddie, he’s a stuntman, who does some acting work as well.

Eddie does a lot of stunts. I mean, it’s his job. He’s been the stunt double for
Zachary Levi on Chuck. He’s been one of Sonny’s goons on General Hospital. But the coolest thing he’s done to date occurred last night…

That’s the opening from CSI: NY episode Point of View. And that’s my buddy Eddie Davenport in the tux. Talk about awesome! Not only does he get a good amount of screentime, he gets to play opposite of Gary Sinise.

Eddie’s a real nice guy and I couldn’t be happier for him right now.

FUN FACT: Eddie and I were a pro wrestling tag team called the Towers of Terror, and our theme song was Motley Crue’s Wild Side.

And yes, things often got quite violent around the frat house after a long night of boozing.


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