Posted by: steveonfilm | May 22, 2010

Cyberspace Open ’10 Round Two Prompt Posted

The 2nd round scene prompt for the Cyberspace Open’s webpage has been posted.

Your PROTAGONIST has been betrayed by his CONFIDANT — someone deep within his (or her) inner circle. This betrayal threatens to destroy everything the protagonist has been working towards. The protagonist’s only ace in the hole: the confidant is not yet aware he’s been found out. Write a crackling scene in which the protagonist confronts the confidant.

This is a lot to chew on. I’m going to do some serious brainstorming in the next few hours.

24 hours to turn this 3-5 page scene around is tight.

Best of luck to everyone else competing in round two!

Keep writing!


  1. Hey, found this completely by accident. I, too, made it to round 2. Good luck to you too!

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