Posted by: steveonfilm | July 25, 2010

Just A Bit More Time

I did a lot of writing this weekend on “Served Cold.” A lot more than I expected. And it’s forced me to adjust my schedule a bit. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to submit my entry tonight.

My initial plan had two steps. One, polish up spelling and grammar. Two, revise some scenes based on some feedback I’d gotten.

I did step one. It didn’t take too long. Maybe two hours or so. If that.

I did step two. This took longer. I reworked some scenes considerably. I removed others. I created a few new ones. But everything I did made the story stronger and tighter.

Then I decided I wanted to try and cut the page count down. When I started my draft was at 113 pages. I want to try and get it under 105 pages. Is it possible? Maybe. Whether I hit 105 or not, getting it shorter is going to make it tighter, and that’s ultimately what I’m going for.

Right now I’m about 39 pages in and have cut it down to 109 pages. That’s 4 pages already. My technique is to really just read through the whole thing and toss out stuff that isn’t needed.

Can I come into a scene a line later than I already have? Can I get out a line earlier? How about two lines earlier? Can I describe action in two lines instead of three? Can I cut out some lines of dialog and just get to the point. Do I need an establishing scene? Or can I just cut right into the action?

Most of these things will free up one, maybe two lines. But as you go along they ad up, and before you know it you’ve cut another page without actually cutting anything out of the script.

Like I’ve said before, this isn’t a rewrite per se. Just a round of high polish that will make my entry as strong as it can be. And regardless of how things turn out, it’s a good exercise to go though nonetheless.

I’ll post the revised draft when I’m done, as well as update the “Served Cold” page on the blog.

Until next time, keep writing!

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