Posted by: steveonfilm | July 31, 2010

The Music of Tron:Legacy?

I’ve talked about how I like to use music when I’m writing. I try to select songs which are similar to the moods I’m trying to evoke in certain scenes. I use it to visualize, block out the scene, and then let the words on my page describe the pictures in my head.

I came across this:

Daft Punk – Tron Soundtrack (Sampler) by Some Kind of Awesome

Yeah… I’m pretty stoked about Tron:Legacy and this music just makes me more so. But, on top of that, the mood it hits me with is exactly the type of stuff I’m going for in several of the scenes in The Debt Collector.

I don’t typically use soundtracks as my music source, but I think in this case I’ll need to make an exception.

Until next time, keep writing!

Update: I almost forgot, I found out about this by reading this JoeBlo post. They’re not sure if the songs are legit or not, hence the “?” in my post title. But it sure sounds legit to me based on what I know of Daft Punk and the music I’ve heard in the trailer.


  1. This is pretty dope…thanks for posting

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