Posted by: steveonfilm | August 1, 2010

The inverse of d is p

Please disregard the title of this post… it was a feeble attempt at being clever.

I had a good weekend. Finally got a chance to go out and catch Inception. It was quite the flick. A bit heavy. But Christopher Nolan movies always are. He demands a lot from his audience. But has thus far always delivered. I thought Inception was no different. Some people are cranky about the final scene… but I thought it was pretty fitting, and in the end the question it left forces the viewer to realize the answer doesn’t really matter.

I also got back into the writing groove on The Debt Collector. I’m about 15 pages into Act 2B and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Writing this act of the screenplay has been a lot of fun. I really get a chance to have the main characters lay their cards out on the table. This is when the story really busts open and the final pieces of the game are put into play.

I’ve strayed a good deal from my notes for Act 2B. While I was writing I just sort of went in a slightly different direction than what I planned, and it felt right. So I kept on with it. The interesting thing is that I know I’m heading to the same place in the script I’d originally planned for, I’m just taking a different way of getting there.

When you’re writing, and you feel like you should go in a different direction than what you planned, trust your instincts and go. The worst thing that could happen is you spend a few hours on some pages you go back and delete. No harm. No foul. It’s easy to erase something that didn’t really work. It’s impossible to delete a chance you weren’t willing to take.

It should be a fun week of writing up ahead.

Until next time, keep writing!


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