Posted by: steveonfilm | September 28, 2010

Where To Find Scripts Online

My friends and I completed co-op play on Halo: Reach last night, so my schedule should start to resume to normal again. It’s been a fun few days playing through it, but I’ve got other things I need to get back to, mainly my story.

In an unrelated note, I was flipping through the July/August edition of Creative Screenwriting magazine yesterday and came across an article that I wanted to share.

From time to time I get requests (e-mails or comments) from readers wanting to know where to find screenplays to read online. Usually I just send them a link to a few of the sites I use. But Creative Screenwriting put together a list of sites that had several I hadn’t heard from before, and many that I had, so I figured I might as well do a post on it.

So here’s the list: – I’ve been here many times. Good site. – The ORIGINAL online script site. I’ve been coming here since I almost got on the internet. – One of the few sites out there catering specifically to horror scripts. I’ve been here a few times. – Dusty pointed me to this site a year or so ago. It’s great, with a writer who really knows how to explain WHY a script is good. They don’t post actual scripts anymore on the site, but if you’re on the newsletter you can still get access. It’s just a really fun site to go to.

I’m going to create a section on the side bad with all of these links to. So in the future I can just post people to those links. There are many other sites out there, but these should give you more than enough to read.

Until next time, keep writing!


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