Posted by: steveonfilm | October 4, 2010

Semifinalist in the 2010 Screenwriting Expo Screenplay Competition

I submitted “Served Cold” and “The Collector” to the 2010 Screenwriting Expo Screenplay Competition.

The judges selected “Served Cold” as a semifinalist!

I’m pretty stoked right now.




  1. Hey, congratulations. I entered too, but didn’t make the cut. Depressing… Would give anything to have that feeling you have now. Enjoy it.

  2. Thanks. I feel really good right now. The odds are against me winning, or being a finalist, but this does give me at least some feeling of validation.

    I know you might feel blue, but don’t give up on your writing. Just keep hammering at it, and when you think you’ve got something good, don’t be scared to submit it.

  3. Excellent, well I wish you the best of luck. That validation would be worth a lot in my eyes.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I was blue for about a half hour, but then I was sitting back down to write before I realised. Gotta’ keep going.

  4. Thanks again.

    Yeah, gotta keep at it.

    Like I was telling a friend of mine who didn’t shirt-list in a short story contest they entered, “You never know what is going to click with a judge. Just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you’re bad writer. It just means that in this instance there were people better. Keep working until that number of people shrinks.”

    And that’s basically my approach to writing. I just keep hacking at it so that list of people better than me keeps getting smaller.

    That and it’s a fun and cheap hobby.

  5. That’s great advice and it makes me feel better lol
    Will stay tuned over the next few days to see how you get on. 🙂

    Thanks, all the best!

  6. No problem.

    And if you ever need to ping ideas off anyone, or need feedback on a script, my e-mail is on my “about” page.

  7. Thanks, man, appreciate it! Will take note of your address.

  8. How did you find out? They still have not updated their website and the Expo is in two days?!!

    • They sent out an e-mail to all the semi-finalists yesterday. I assume they’ll announce the winners today or tomorrow.

  9. Ah! Thank you, I will check my email. Cheerio.

  10. Congrats, Steve! My screenplay, Chuck Hodges Conquers the Universe, also made it to the semifinals. Good luck and continued success.

    For those who didn’t make it this time, don’t be discouraged. I have made it to finalist in one contest and not passed the first round in another with the same exact script. Don’t let any one person or contest results keep you from writing. If you are open to constructive criticism, and really listen to the feedback you get from multiple sources, you can continue to improve your current script and advance your craft. Above all, “never give up, never surrender!”

    • Congrats David!

      And you’re spot on. You never know what might click with a judge and what doesn’t.

  11. Congrats on making the semi’s!

    My co-writer and I made it into the semi’s with our NCIS script. Am disappointed that the announcements were so late. We couldn’t make it to the Expo this year so we have no idea what the final results looked like.

    • Hey, that’s awesome! I’ve been considering giving a try to some TV writing. Any chance I can read it?

      Yeah, I live in Atlanta, so getting to the Expo is a pretty big expense. But I’m think of taking a vacation next year and going to that one.

  12. Have you heard the results? Were they announced at the dinner last night at the Expo? I’m dying to know!

    I’ll check with my co-writer and see how comfortable she is about sending the script around. Usually, we don’t send scripts off to folks we haven’t met:)

    Best way to do a tv spec is get a few from the show you’re trying to spec so you can get a feel for their format.

    • I haven’t heard the results… but since they gave out the awards last night, I’d assume they announced them at the dinner. They likley contacted the winners either last week, or right after the sent the semifinalist list out on Monday. I guess they’ll get around to posting who won, and who the finalists were, within the next week or so.

      It’s cool if you don’t want to send the script out. I can totally understand that.

      I’ve looked at a few TV scripts, but I’m not sure I’d want to write one for a show that already exists. I’ve had an idea for a TV show for a while, and I think it’d be a fun exercise to write 3 or 4 episodes of it. I write a lot of stuff just as an exericse, sort of get outside my comfort area, and force myself to try new things. This is one of those areas for me.

      Anyway, I wanted to check out yours since I can associate it with a real person, and not just some name who’s listed in on the credit roll. You know what I mean?

  13. Have you entered “Served Cold” or any other scripts into other contests? If so, how did you do?

    • This was the first full length screenplay contest I entered. I submitted both “Served Cold” and “The Collector.” I entered Creative Screenwriting’s Cyberspace Open and also made the semifinals, and missed the finals but 2 points. But that was only a 3-5 page contest based on a scene prompt.

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