Posted by: steveonfilm | October 8, 2010

You Are Not A Winner

Well, they had the awards ceremony last night at the 2010 Screenwriting Expo. I knew if I hadn’t been called by Tuesday I wasn’t a winner. I’m not saying I expected to get a call… but you always have that glimmer of hope, you know? I’m just happy I was a semifinalist at all. Still makes me feel really good.

I’m surprised they haven’t listed the winners yet on the site, or via e-mail. I would have liked to have seen who won.

My friend Chris is at the Expo this weekend. I asked he send me copies of whatever material he gets. So when/if I get them I’ll pass them along.




  1. Sorry you didn’t win. You did fantastically, though.

    I think, as tradition goes, they announce the winner the last day of the Expo, though I did not come across said information.

    • They announced the winners at the reception on Thursday. Though, I’m sure they were notified by phone earlier that week, or even prior to that.

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