Posted by: steveonfilm | October 9, 2010

Seven Movies in Seven Days: Killing Zoe

Tonight I watched the 1993 thriller Killing Zoe. It stars Eric Stolz, Jean-Hugues Anglade, and Julie Delpy. It’s written and directed by Roger Avary.

I first came across this flick back during my days at SCAD. It was ’97 or ’98, and I’d passed out on the couch in my buddies dorm room. I woke up during a very disturbing scene (you’ll know it when you see it) and ended up staying up and watching the rest of the flick. Though I never got around to going back and seeing the beginning.

Killing Zoe came out during the 90s independent film movement. Technology was making it easier and easier to make movies on smaller and smaller budgets. And guys like Avery came out of that era, along with Tarantino (whom he worked with), Robert Rodriguez, and Kevin Smith. But, it took Avery a little longer to hit mainstream success. And it might be because he took some chances with a flick like this.

Killing Zoe is an odd little thriller. Foremost, it’s a heist flick. But it doesn’t have the glamour of the elaborate break in. It’s just some goons who think they can rob the only bank open in France on Bastille day. The real guts of the film is the oddball assortment of goons in this crew, and the dynamic between Stolz and Anglade, with a side of Delpy thrown in.

It’s flicks like this that make me wish Stolz was in more movies. I never could quite understand why he didn’t break into leading male roles on the bigger movies. The talent is certainly there. I dunno, maybe it’s the red hair.

Angdale is brilliant in this film. He plays bat shit crazy better than almost anyone else I’ve seen. I’m going to have to check out some of his other flicks.

Delpy is weird. Sometimes she looks pretty. Sometimes she looks just a little off. She didn’t go anything spectacular with her part, but I thought per performance was fine, and in line with what it needed to be.

There are tons of drugs in this… TONS. So if that kinda thing turns you off, stay away. This flick came out right around the reemergence of heroin as a “cool drug,” and thus it’s use and effects are prevalent.

The flick can be a little slow at times… and some of the budgetary short cuts taken while shooting are obvious to the trained eye, but it’s a well packaged flick that delivers it’s story well.

If you’re looking fir a heist flick with a little bit different take on the typical “rob a bank” story, check this flick out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Until next time, keep writing!


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