Posted by: steveonfilm | November 21, 2010

Sometimes This Happens

I went and saw the new Harry Potter with The Wife today in IMAX. Solid flick, as all of them have been so far (and I’m by no means a Potter fan), so if you’re thinking of checking it out rest assured it’s money well spent.

But while watching the movie I got this idea for a scene. It all just sort of came out at once, fully detailed, and sat there in the back of my head all night. The Wife and I went to dinner after the movie and all I could think about was this scene.

When I sat down with my laptop tonight I started to work on my outline for The Dad Type, but couldn’t stop thinking about this scene. So I said, “The hell with it,” opened up Final Draft and let fly.

I ended up with eight pages of what I think is the beginning of a superhero movie. Or the end of a horror movie. I have no idea. If you want to read it, click here.

Not sure what to make of it. It’s by no means anything amazing. But now that I got it out, I don’t have to think about it anymore.

Sometimes this happens. You get an idea for a scene so strong that you just need to sit down and write it. Don’t worry about backstory, or even any story, just write what’s sitting in your head. MAybe it will turn into something. Maybe it won’t. But any excuse that gets you down in front of the computer writing is a good excuse.

I’ve probably done this about ten times. One of the scenes I wrote ended up making it into Served Cold. Another was in Pride is Forever. These weren’t central story elements. But I adapted the scenes I’d originally written to fit what they needed to be for the story.

The rest have all just sat around taking up hard drive space. You never know what’s going to come in handy somewhere down the line. In this case I was able to use two scenes. Maybe I’ll be able to use another sometime, who knows. But I’ll keep writing stuff like this when it comes up. It’s fun. And when there’s nothing at stake you’re not scared to take any chances. And that’s usually a good thing.

Until next time, keep writing!


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