Posted by: steveonfilm | December 10, 2010

Returning The Favor

I met Peter on my blog a few months ago. He contacted me after the results were up for the Expo’s contest. Peter had only been writing for a little while. Just getting started so to speak. I offered to help him out. We’ve kept talking pretty much daily ever since.

I remember when I first started out writing. I had my buddy Ryley out in L.A. And he gave me some tips. But I was never really pointed in the right direction. I had to discover a lot of things out myself. I spent the better part of two years just sort of wandering around trying to find my way. Then I read Syd Field’s The Screenwriter’s Workbook and holy shit my mind was blown. Suddenly, it was like the gates to screenwriting were opened. I walked in and never looked back.

I often wish I’d found that book sooner. It gave me a background and confidence level I never had before. Soon I was seeking out other books. Looking for specific information about screenplays. Dissecting things in a way I didn’t know was possible. Learning. Taking in as much as I could. But bottom line, I wished I was able to get those two years back.

So Peter… my gift to you this Christmas, two years.

While we work through your script, and the next draft, I want to bring you up to the level I wish I could have been at in my mid-twenties. I’ll give you as much knowledge and advice as I can. And hopefully, with enough work, you’ll pass me by and make the big time. Then, one day, when you’re up on that stage, whether it’s the Oscar’s or the “Lake Tonga Cheese and Wine Festival for Artistic Endeavors”, accepting an award for your script, you’ll think back on a simple comment you left on some random guy’s blog. And hopefully, the thought that pops into your head won’t be, “Man, that guy was an asshole.”

Cheers bud. Here’s hoping the new year brings up both great things.




  1. The best gift I could have received. A public thanks for all your support and great advice. To be honest, the people that I’ve met in life are not quick to share their knowledge, so that’s what seriously surprised me about you. And I’m sure many will say the same.

    We’ll keep on driving forward, buddy.

    Absolute legend.

  2. Those people are called assholes, Pete. It’s not like I’m a magician who doesn’t want to most awesome trick ever to get out. I’ve always liked to teach. Whether it was youth sports, college, or even just new employees at work. I’m no expert, but I can certainly help some people new to screenwriting get started.

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