Posted by: steveonfilm | December 13, 2010

Some New Homework

I’m almost glad that the weekend is over and Monday has finally come and pass. I’ve never talked about one of my scripts this much ever. So I took as much as I could from all the comments on ScriptShadow, agonizing over some of my oversights, obsessing over other suggestions on how to make some things work better. All in all, it was a good experience and I don’t regret sending over Served Cold along with all it’s imperfections (and there were obviously plenty). Thought I must say it was exhausting and nerve wracking, but still a good experience. Now, with that all behind me I’ve moved onto something new.

A friend of a friend has given me a little assignment. He wrote a script in college that is a pretty interesting idea. It’s something outside of my comfort zone, a slasher/horror flick, but genre I’d been looking to give a try. I don’t want to go too into the concept yet, but I think it’s pretty original, and something that should be a lot of fun.

So, why am I “rewriting” it instead of him? Simple, he’s not a writer. That probably sounds stupid, but let me explain. He wrote it in college because it was an assignment for a class, not because he wanted to be a screenwriter. He works in Hollywood now, but on the business end instead of the creative end.

Anyway, the idea never left him, he just didn’t have the talent or interest to take another stab at it himself, so he asked me. Like I said above, it’s an interesting idea, and any excuse is a good excuse to write something so I figured what the hell.

I’ve got some research to do for the next few weeks. I’ve got to get reacquainted with the slasher/horror genre. So I’ll be watching a bunch of that stuff. On the flip side, I’m watching some thrillers too, since I think those can lend some to the way I might want to approach this. I’ve got movies like Jaws, Halloween, The Game, Scream, Fatal Attraction, and others in my Netflix queue.

It might sound eclectic, but you never know what will inspire you. I just need to make sure that when I start plotting this bad boy out, I’m not subconsciously regurgitating things I’ve already seen.

Until next time, keep writing!


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