Posted by: steveonfilm | January 4, 2011

Suggesting John August

I watched a fun little documentary “Tales From The Script” this weekend:

“Shane Black (“Lethal Weapon”), John Carpenter (“Halloween”), Frank Darabont (“The Shawshank Redemption”), William Goldman (“The Princess Bride”), Paul Schrader (“Taxi Driver”), and dozens of other Hollywood screenwriters share hilarious anecdotes and penetrating insights in “Tales from the Script,” the most comprehensive documentary ever made about screenwriting. By analyzing their triumphs and recalling their failures, the participants explain how successful writers develop the skills necessary for toughing out careers in one of the world’s most competitive industries. They also reveal the untold stories behind some of the greatest screenplays ever written, describing their adventures with luminaries including Harrison Ford, Stanley Kubrick, Joel Silver, Martin Scorsese, and Steven Spielberg. The film was produced in tandem with the upcoming HarperCollins book of the same name.”

One of the names NOT mentioned in that synopsis, but is very much an important part of the film, is John August. August is responsible for such movies as “Big Fish”, “Corpse Bride”, and “Charlie and Chocolate Factory” to name a few. I found August’s commentary REALLY fun and interesting, so I looked him up afterward.

Turns out August has a blog that’s not too unlike mine, except TONS better since he’s a professional. I’ve spent a good portion of the last three days reading many of the posts on there, and I think it’s so good that I’ve added it to my blogroll. Plus, he just seems like a nice guy (who knows, maybe I’m wrong and he’s a giant asshole, but somehow I doubt it).

If you’re an aspiring writer you really need to check August’s blog out.

You can find it here:

Until next time, keep writing!


  1. Dude! You only just NOW discovered John August?? I’m shocked!! Another great blog is from Craig Mazin

    and one I used to read all the time but doesn’t get updated anymore:

    • Shocked? Really? Knowing someone’s work, and knowing them as a writer you want to follow are two COMPLETELY different things. Had someone suggested him to me earlier I’d have known about him, but no one did, so I had to discover him on my own.

      I’ll check out Mazin’s blog tonight, thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hmmm, I guess so. But I’ll follow any writer who has interesting things to say. Mazin isn’t the greatest screenwriter in the world, and definitely not as talented as John August, but he’s got some good tips. But I guess I am a fan of Mazin’s “Scary Movie” films and even appreciated “Superhero Movie.” I discovered John August’s blog back in 2003 when he first started it.

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