Posted by: steveonfilm | January 11, 2011

Snowmageddon: Jan 9th, 2011

Not the usual type of video I post… but we got a significant, at least for Atlanta, snow storm that started late Jan 9th, 2011. I shot some footage right as the snowfall started to pick up.

I grew up in Michigan and was a “hater” all day about how much snow we’d get. I’ve never been surprised or impressed with any snow we’ve gotten since moving to Atlanta.

But this time… I was wrong. I’m honestly impressed. I haven’t seen snow like this since I moved from Michigan. Within 30 minutes I had an inch of snow on the ground, which is UNHEARD of for Atlanta.

In the past I’ve gotten some e-mails from people accusing me of actually living in L.A. and lying about living in Atlanta. They say I’m lying so I can get pity from people about being a “shitty” writer and whatnot. I’m never sure what to say to them. Hopefully this changes their mind about the whole lying about where I live thing. I’ll still have to work on the “shitty” writing part.



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