Posted by: steveonfilm | January 24, 2011

Suggesting Eric Yang

I wanted to take some time today to suggest a blog and a filmmaker that most of you probably don’t know about. His name is Eric Yang, and he’s got a great blog and has produced some pretty great shorts.

Eric found my blog, I think, around a year or so ago. After some general chit chat we became friends on Facebook. He produces more shorts in a year than some people produce in a decade. Dude is serious about his craft, and does a pretty bang up job.

But I think what sets him apart from other film makers out there is his blog, The Right Time Is Now. Eric is very passionate about his craft, and puts the same amount of effort into his blog posts. He’s got interviews, book reviews, movie reviews, and a bunch of ops eds. It’s a well rounded plate of blog food than I think any other aspiring writer or film maker would readily consume.

Getting back to his shorts, Eric wrote, directed, and edited a short called Stacy Somebody. I first saw it a few months ago and more than anything else of his it just clicks with me. I know this girl. You know this girl. We all know this girl. She’s the one who chased her dreams and gave it a go. The passion is there. The effort is there. The talent is likely there. But because the world sucks, and half the time none of that shit matters when it comes to who gets ahead, she’s sitting on the sidelines instead of on the field with the winning team.

Hang in there Stacy, we’re rooting for you… all of you.



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