Posted by: steveonfilm | January 28, 2011

Ticket to ‘Red State’ In A VERY Red State

Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ tour is swinging through Atlanta and stopping at the Cobb Performing Arts Center. The wife gave me the heads up the other day. After hearing about what Smith was trying to do with his little tour, I figured I’d play along and buy a ticket. Sure, it was relatively expensive, but with the Q&A and venue, I figured it was likely going to be a pretty cool experience and I figured I’d treat myself.

My first experience with a Kevin Smith movie was Mallrats. When I was in my mid teens I got into comics a little mid, and they were advertising Mallrats movie all over the place. Mid section ads. Back cover ads. The works. However, I can’t remember ever seeing a trailer for it, and thus never went to the theater.

A few years later I saw it on either HBO or Showtime and thought it was so awesome I waited until it aired again that day and recorded it on our VCR. Later that night my brother’s and I watched it at least twice with a few of the other neighborhood kids who were staying over that night. It was regualr nerd heaven.

This was all before “the internet” had really hit it’s prime, so I had no idea that the same guy who did Mallrats did other movies too. I just knew that it had some of the same people in it that were in ‘Dazed and Confused.’ By the time I was a freshman in college ‘Chasing Amy’ was coming out, and by then I was well aware of who Smith was. I’d gotten my hands on ‘Clerks’ and starting to become a fan of this new “indie” director.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve seen most of his movies and enjoyed many of them. I’m not a huge mark of his, and find some of his stuff self indulgent, but still find him remarkably intelligent and interesting to listen to. While I may find his personality somewhat annoying, I typically find myself agreeing with what he’s saying more often than not.

His recent battle has been with studios and critics. Which has lead to him doing something unique with ‘Red State.’ He was supposed to auction off the rights to distribute the film while at Sundance, but instead sold the rights to himself for 20 bucks, and then went on a tirade against a lot of things entertainment related.

I think his idea of how to market and distribute ‘Red State’ is unique and interesting. I’m not sure if it’s the right answer, but I figure it’s worth a risk to find out. This is something new and I decided I wanted to be a part of it. I may not like the movie. I might not like the Q&A. I might have gotten suckered into some sort of marketing machine. But it’s a risk I decided to take. And I figured if Smith is willing to take this kind of risk, why the hell can’t I?

Until next time, keep writing!

P.S. My seats will be about as far away as the ones in the first segment of the video, if not a a few rows closer, and in a theater that’s about the same size and shape.


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