Posted by: steveonfilm | February 22, 2011

Curse You Real World Job!

I’ve got a big software release at work tonight. And, as usual, I’m running the show. That means managing developers, database administrators, and vendors to check and double check things after the release is finished. So I’ll be more than busy with that sort of stuff tonight.

But fear not folks… I do have something for you to look over. My friend Eric over at “The Right Time Is Now” posted an article about five mistakes aspiring filmmakers make. It’s a fun and short read. I’d encourage anyone out there who works on small shorts, is in film school, or just likes to play around and make videos with friends to check it out. And yes, I do have some small cred when it comes to actual film making, I did two years of film school in the late 90s and shot dozens of shorts for my classes…

Perhaps the most valuable thing we can do as artists, and humans, is make mistakes. Mistake is just another word for experience. I think many young filmmakers would have a much easier time if they let go of the weight of their egos. A healthy ego is necessary in the film business, but an unhealthy ego prevents you from seeing your mistakes and learning from them. Here are five mistakes I often see aspiring filmmakers make (I’ve made some of these mistakes myself):

For the list click here and read if for yourself on Eric’s blog!

Until next time, keep writing!


  1. Enjoyed your latest posts. Although I didn’t enter last year’s Cyberspace, I really thought this year’s premise was a lot easier to write. Ah, the bliss of ignorance! Or at least, different styles, I guess… Anyway, best of luck on the Cyberspace Open!

    • Yeah, I think the idea of “easy/hard” really falls within each writer’s style and genre/style leanings. Last year the prompt seemed a bit more wide open, which likely caused some issues for some people. This year’s prompt was more specific, which probably helped some people. Good luck you too Dan!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Steve! 🙂

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