Posted by: steveonfilm | March 6, 2011

The Prey: Act 1 – Part 1

I’m a solid 15 pages into act one of ‘The Prey.’ The writing comes in spurts. It’s been too long since I’ve sat down to work on a feature, and it’s showing in my concentration. I’m easily distracted. My mind starts to wander every ten minutes or so. I don’t know if it’s the ADD or too much coffee.

I’ve been pleased with what I’ve managed to get down on the page so far. The first act is always interesting to write. It’s like a new relationship. Excitement. New faces. New environments. A certain level of awkwardness. Meeting people for the first time. Going through the formalities that will slowly fade away.

As of page 15 all but one major character has been introduced, but he doesn’t come into the story until the beginning of act two A, and even then plays his part in total within twenty pages. There isn’t a huge cast of characters, and that’s on purpose. If Michael’s idea is to try and actually get this produced, the less characters the cheaper it is, so I made sure to think about that when putting the outline together.

I’ve really gotten into the three main characters, Kate, her brother Chris, and Donnie. I haven’t gotten a chance to write much of Chris yet, but that will come in time. Kate and Donnie on the other hand have had significant face time, as the two main characters should. Their backstory drives a good portion of the story, and I made sure to set up the tension between them so it takes us well past the mid point of the story.

The dialog is a bit stiff, but that’s to be expected when you first start out writing. I’ve got a few good lines, and the framing of conversations is there, but outside of that what’s said is hit and miss. The characters aren’t speaking to me yet. I’ve found that I typically do most of my dialog rewriting for stuff I write in the first act… wow, I’m REALLY getting deja vu right now. I must have posted something like this before…

Anyway, for the first few days of writing, things are moving well. I’d like to get another 5-7 pages out tomorrow, and wrap up a “first draft” of act one my mid week. I originally thought Michael would want to see some of the raw stuff I was coming up with. But when I told him I’d have act one done next week and ready for him to look at, I think he took it the wrong way. He said “redo it, and redo it, and redo it, and redo it, and THEN I’ll take a look.” So I guess he doesn’t want to see it until it’s a “finished” product.

Either way, we agreed that he’d look over act one before I moved on. So if something isn’t coming across on the pages, or my writing isn’t working in the way he wanted, or he notices some other thing he doesn’t like, we can attack it early, and not after I’ve got 90 some odd pages down. I’ll find out what he thinks in a few more weeks.

Until next time, keep writing!


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