Posted by: steveonfilm | March 18, 2011

Visiting the Parents

My wife and I needed to get the hell out of dodge for a long weekend, so we headed out to Charleston to see my parents for a few days.

Thanks to my new iPad, I’ve got a few scripts I’ll be reading along the way. Let me tell you, for script reading, the iPad is a pretty fantastic device. I mean, it’s not the ONLY reason to get an iPad, but it was definitely something that I’ve really enjoyed about it.

And now… off topic time…

If you haven’t checked out Freddie Wong’s videos on YouTube, you’re really missing out. I don’t know a lot of background on Freddie and his friends, but my guess is that they work in the special effects realm professionally. He and his friends get together and make weekly videos that are just a lot of fun.

You really should check out his site. Here’s one of my favorites that he’s done recently. Enjoy…

Until next time, keep writing!


  1. Cool vid. What scripts did you take with you to read?

    • The Dark Knight, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and The Fugitive

  2. FreddieW makes youtube videos full time. He’s known for some guitar hero video that went viral years ago, that’s what put him on the map. Now he just does special FX videos.

    • I wasn’t aware that these videos are what Freddy does full time. I figured he did them on the side. That’s pretty sweet. Nice to see someone able to make a living off their passion for a change.

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