Posted by: steveonfilm | March 27, 2011

Cyberspace Open – Winter 2011: Congrats to the Round 1 Winners

Well… the round 1 scores were posted and I didn’t make the cut this year. Scores were DRASTICALLY higher than last year, with many perfect scores. I don’t know if this was because of the prompt of a change in judging, but something was definitely different this year. The lowest scoring semi-finalist was a 93, so the cut off was much higher this year as well.

Even though I didn’t do as well this time I still think it’s a fun contest. Writing subtext is a weakness of mine, and it really showed with my entry. I also took a big risk writing outside of my comfort zone (horror), so I learned a lot in that regard as well. Last years winner of the horror prize genre didn’t even make the top 100, so take that for what it’s worth as well.

Best of luck to everyone in round two!

[NOTE: I thought I posted this Friday night, but evidently clicked save instead of publish.]


  1. Are the winning entries posted anywhere?

    • They sure are. You can fine them on the main contest page.

  2. Feedback is up:

  3. I received an email today, announcing the Round Two winners:,1_226865_AOgNw0MAAFwIThzKZwRoPHiFl4c,1_224877_AOMNw0MAAUjXThyWfQ2WbxiRHAk,1_224024_AOgNw0MAABfjThyVlQetMSGDT48,1_222419_AOcNw0MAABsHThySwAwj7XMPVJY,1_221594_AOwNw0MAAEY9ThySogbP8kU7cew,1_218891_AO4Nw0MAAFxlThyMpgZQj2OWng8,1_217472_AOoNw0MAATSLThyBfAxAx3efwJI,1_214635_AOwNw0MAADISThxlmgpRWwGPJ2c,1_226316_AOINw0MAALcMThyqOgX6z0D4Ym8,1_212176_AOkNw0MAADXJThxLkg82ImeYXpo,&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&hash=d3d918007312392b316da3ad6bb7fffb&.jsrand=1307604

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