Posted by: steveonfilm | April 11, 2011

Back When Commercials Were Awesome

I remember when I was a kid commercials seemed to make everything fantastic. Especially commercials about tech stuff. Video games. Keyboards. Laser guns. Everything used awesome font, and had great voice overs.

Case in point…

“The most exciting game you will ever see on your TV set!”

I mean, shit yeah! It’s literally telling you that this think will blow your mind!

“Try to bust your opponents balls.”

They just don’t turn out stuff like this anymore. Everything tries to be all “hip” and “trendy.” There’s usually some sort of joke involved. Half the time the product isn’t even in the commercial.

Maybe I’m just getting old. But I’ve been farting around on Youtube for the last hour watching retro commercials from the 70s and 80s. All of them get me more excited about the products being shown than the commercials on TV now.

I guess it was a different time.

And no, this has nothing to do with screenwriting.

Until next time, keep writing!


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