Posted by: steveonfilm | April 14, 2011

Movie Time

No writing tonight… gonna watch a movie. Not sure which one, but something streaming on Netflix.

Carson had an interesting post today over at ScriptShadow. He took a gander at the last 25 winners for Original Screenplay Oscar and tried to see if he could find a pattern:

“So you want to write an Oscar-winning screenplay. Well, I thought I’d have a little fun this week and look back at the last 25 Oscar winners in the best Original Screenplay category and see if I can’t lock down a pattern or two as to what kind of script wins this most prestigious of competitions. If this is, indeed, a collection of the best writing over the past 25 years, it wouldn’t hurt to figure out what these writers are doing. So below, I’ve listed the last 25 Oscar Winners in order (from 1986 to 2010) and afterwards, I’ll share with you nine observations I found from combing through the list…”

It was an interesting read and worth checking out. You can read the rest here.

Until next time, keep writing!


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