Posted by: steveonfilm | April 19, 2011

The Prey: Act 2 – Part 2

About four pages into act two B. Having a hard time getting through a dialog heavy scene that involves a characters that’s been outside the loop of the bigger events unfolding, and I’m doing my best to keep everything from being a recap.

Sometimes scenes are tough like that. You need these two people to talk to each other. Information needs to be passed from one person to another. But they have to do it in a way that doesn’t involve us going over information we just got 5 to 10 pages earlier, or have put together ourselves. This is an area that I’m finding subtext works REALLY well in. Whether or not I pull it off is another story.

I’ve found myself going back into the method I’ve had success with before… write the scene the way you need to in order to get your head around the gist of the conversation. Then, go back and rework it until it clicks. I’ve had this once scene I’m on go from 5 pages, to 2 pages, back up to 4, and then back to 2, and it’s still not clicking. BUT, I’ve got a firm grasp of the conversation, and what needs to come across. So if I keep at it, I’ll get it to a point where I know it’s right, and I can move on.

I might not be coming in late enough. Or, I’m trying to force beats earlier in the scene that don’t need to be there, and it’s getting in the way of the rest of the scene. I’ll get it eventually, but for now I’ll just keep working on it until it clicks for me.

Until next time, keep writing!


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