Posted by: steveonfilm | May 15, 2011

The Prey: Act 3 – Part 1

I started on Act 3 of ‘The Prey’ tonight. It feels pretty good to be taking this script in for a landing. I’ll be even more relived when I type the words FADE OUT in the next few weeks. I’d like to have this wrapped up by the end of May, but we’ll see how this goes.

Writing this screenplay has been interesting. It’s the first time I’m technically writing someone else’s material. So there’s that aspect to it. But since I didn’t come up with everything on my own, it’s taken me longer than usual to get “into” the characters so to speak. I’ve always read, and often said myself, “Your characters don’t really start to talk to you until you get into Act Two.” For the first time I’ve really felt that cliche become a reality.

I knew the history of all of the characters. The wold they lived in. Their loves. Successes. Failures. But the reality is that I didn’t actually “know” any of them. I was just familiar with a large amount of historical information. I didn’t have the real world context to put it in. It wasn’t until I started to write their interactions with each other that I started to realize who they are.

For example, it wasn’t until I was well into Act Two that I realized Eric had a quick temper. He’s a bit high strung. Under a lot of stress. And although he’ll never say it to anyone, nor does hit come up during the course of the script, he’s never felt like he lived up to the expectations of his father. This isn’t something I set out to do with him… I just realized it the more I wrote his character.

These are the types of things you come across the more you write. And more specifically the more you write for the same set of characters. I have to imagine that this experience is more magnified with a television show. There’s just so much more time to explore and develop a character.

Anyway, I’m kind of rambling at this point. I need to get back to writing. I should hear if I made the finals of the AAA Screenplay Contest on the 24th. I don’t expect to make the list but you never know. I think we’re supposed to get “feedback” like for the Screenwriting Expo’s Screenwriting Contest. When I get that I’ll post it up. This is the only contest I’ve entered this year, and I don’t plan to enter any other full length contests. So as far as contest coverage goes, whatever happens in the next ten days or so should be it.

Until next time, keep writing!


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