Posted by: steveonfilm | May 25, 2011

Sidewrite Short Screenplay Competition

I’ve talked about the fun you can have with short form screenwriting contests before. It’s a nice way to compete for the sake of competing, without the “pressure” of having to worry how your feature script stacks up. Well, I got an e-mail from a regular reader today about a contest that they’re involved with and I thought I’d pass it along:

I wanted to let you and your readers know about the upcoming Sidewrite Short Screenplay Competition for scripts of 15 pages or less (great for short story adaptations of your own works, as well):

A division of the Sidewalk Film Festival started in 2004, Sidewrite’s mission is to discover and reward talented screenwriters for great screen storytelling in short screenplays of 15 pages or less. Sidewrite allows passionate writers to enhance their craft and receive recognition for their work and creativity.

This year, the top three scripts will advance to the final round, where they will be judged by a Screenwriters’ Celebrity Panel of:

Jeff Lowell (JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE, HOTEL FOR DOGS, and – as director, too – OVER HER DEAD BODY)
Max Adam (EXCESS BAGGAGE and uncredited work for THE LADYKILLERS and ONE FOR THE MONEY; Founder of The Academy of Film Writing)
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman (Co-writer and Moderator of ScriptChat)

The winner of the Sidewrite Competition will receive $500 and a copy of Final Draft screenwriting software. Runner-ups will receive a signed copy of screenwriter Max Adams’ invaluable guide to screenwriting in Hollywood: The Screenwriter’s Survival Guide.

Registration is now open.
Registration Ends: July 1.
Screenplay Deadline: July 7
Entry Fee: $25 or $20 if you are an Alabama Resident. If you submit
through WAB it is a $5 discount.

For Sidewrite entry information, visit

For more information on the Sidewalk Film Festival, visit

I’m not involved with this contest at all, or part of promoting it… I just thought it sounded like a cool idea.

Take a look if it sounds like something up your alley!


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