Posted by: steveonfilm | June 7, 2011

Leadership Workshop

I’m in a corporate leadership workshop until Friday.

These are basically ten hour days where we do various team brainstorming, leadership style, and introspective activities.

It’s cool and useful for work, but leaves you mentally exhausted at the end of it.

So there likely won’t be posts of any significance through this week.




  1. Hey Steve,
    Thanks for letting us know. Enjoy the workshop!

    • It was a lot of fun, but mentally draining. I think Exec. Management is going to be a little freaked with some of the stuff we’ve put together for them. But, on the flip side, they know they have a problem, they know they can’t fix it, which is why they brought us in to make the decisions for them. Question is, do they actually do anything with them?

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