Posted by: steveonfilm | June 9, 2011

The Princess Bride … Was My Childhood Wrong?

I’ve been an avid fan of ‘The Princess Bride‘ since I was like nine. I must have seen the movie a hundred times with my brothers growing up. It’s been in my top ten favorite movies for as long as I can remember. So I was very excited to see that Carson chose to talk about the script for it today over at ScriptShadow. But before I read his write up… was it possible that my childhood was wrong? Is it actually a good movie? Or is it nostalgia blurring perspective?

Remember going to the video store with your friends back in the old days and trying to find a movie that EVERYBODY wanted to watch? Impossible right? And that was just for 4-5 people. Imagine trying to find a movie that EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD wanted to watch. That’s like trying to find the chupacabra. Or Bigfoot. Or evidence of UFOS. But believe it or not, there are a few movies out there that EVERYBODY likes. And The Princess Bride is one of them. Now I don’t know about you. But when I see a movie that everybody likes, I think to myself “screenwriting goldmine.” I mean this is the Holy Grail we’re talking about. A screenplay which has somehow managed to rope in every single person who’s seen it. If we’re not mining that puppy for secrets, then why the hell even bother with screenwriting? So, here are ten screenwriting not-so-secrets I learned from watching The Princess Bride.

If you’re a fan of ‘The Princess Bride’ or ScriptShadow, do yourself a favor and read the rest of Carson’s write up on it. The comments for the movie are pretty quality too, which is relatively unusual these days.

Until next time, keep writing!


  1. On any given day, this is one of my four or five movies I’d refer to as “favorite.” Every time my wife asks me to get something from up high, I say “As you wish” and look at her as I get it. I am obsessed, and will read this when I can.

    • Ha! That’s an awesome story. When I first saw the movie with my brothers, we convinced my mom and dad to watch it too (it must have been on HBO rotation or something). And afterwards, when my mom asked my pops for something, he’d say, “As you wish.” It was sweet.

  2. Carson was absolutely right, this is a movie that has something for everyone. Classic four-quadrant crowd pleaser. I’d say amongst females my age, probably half of them would list this as their favorite movie. Princesses! Swordfights! Wordplay! Meta-textual bookends! What more could you ask for?

    I haven’t seen it in years. I’m afraid to revisit it in case I might hate it. And I remember thinking, even as a kid, of how cheesy the casio-supplied soundtrack was.

    (As an aside, at the company I work, we have definitely named servers and admins after characters from this movie. That is when you know you have saturation.)

    • Don’t be afraid. I love this film even more in adulthood than I did in childhood, and I’m a humongous snob.

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