Posted by: steveonfilm | June 15, 2011

AAA Finalists Announced

Unfortunately, I’m not one of them… pout pout pout. However Dan Shea, who’s left some comments on here managed to win it all! CONGRATS DAN!!!

Bill Donovan did leave me a comment on the blog letting me know my first round score was in the top 25. So I’ll have to be happy with that. For all those following along at home, here’s the top ten (bold denotes top three winners in order):

Shiny Penny – Dan Shea
DeadBelow Zero – Edward Case
DecHomer’s Odyssey – Alex Drummond

Wipe – Ben Arnold
M.a.x.101 – Edge Of Forever – Sam Lu
Ticketto Mars – Jason Ginsburg
Rising Phoenix – Ryan Mukai
Somerville – JamesC. Victor
Oathkeeper- Elisa Graybill
Olympian – Tamsyn Harker and Esther Venning
TheBest Part of the Day – Betty Ellington Smith

One thing I did notice, not a single “action adventure genre” made the finals, which is what ‘Served Cold’ was classified under. On the flip side, “sci-fi genre” had a strong showing in the top ten.

You can read the detailed list here at the official contest website.

Until next time, keep writing!



  1. Congratulations, Dan.

    Also, Elisa Graybilll was one of the top three in the CS Open. So she’s doing well for herself.

  2. Thanks, guys. I’m hoping I can parlay this win (and being a runner up in teleplay) into some traction.

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