Posted by: steveonfilm | June 21, 2011

Background Movies

All of us have movies that we can watch an infinite amount of times. When we’re feeling bad, we put them on to make us happy. When we’re bored, we put them on to give us something to do. When we’re lonely, we put them on to hear familiar voices. They’re so familiar that they’ve literally become part of us.

I’ve got fifteen movies that fall into this category. They’re not perfect films. They’re not amazing feats of cinematic excellence. They’re not even films that I would recommend to other people. They’re just films that for one reason or another mean something special to me and I’ll never get sick of them.

Here’s the list in no particular order:

1. Fletch
2. The Shawkshank Redemption
3. The Big Lebowski
4. Beverly Hills Cop
5. Lethal Weapon
6. Die Hard
7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
8. Mallrats
9. Reservoir Dogs
10. Real Genius
11. The Jerk
12. L.A. Story
13. Risky Business
14. Swingers
15. Heat

You can probably see a few trends represented. I think anyone’s list also has trends. Everyone’s list is different. And no list can be right or wrong. But I’d be interested to see what some of your lists are.

Until next time, keep writing!


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