Posted by: steveonfilm | June 28, 2011

Writing Better Action With John August

Once again I plug John August and his awesome blog. I posted a video tutorial of John’s a week or so ago, and I figured tonight was as good as any other night to post another one.

Writing action is actually something I think I excel at. I’m by no means as good as John, but I do consider it one of my strengths as a writer. It took me a lot of practice to get that way. I learned by reading scripts and copying other writer’s style when I came across something I thought was fantastic. All artists learn by imitation to some degree, screenwriters are no different.

I just wish back when I’d started writing I’d come across this video from John. It’s the type of stuff that is so much more effective when you can see it being done AND having it explained to you at the same time.

Anyway, take a watch and hopefully you’ll get something out of it. And as always, be sure to check out John’s blog if you aren’t already. It’s a great resource for aspiring screenwriters.

Until next time, keep writing!


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