Posted by: steveonfilm | July 8, 2011

Observations: Dallas

This was my second time to Dallas, and the first time by myself. While driving around it reminded me a lot of another city that I’m extremely familiar with, Detroit. Of course, when I mention “city,” I’m really referring to the metro areas surrounding them, not just the cities themselves.

Both hide pockets of beauty and filth. And you never seem to know which part you’re about to hit until you’re already there.

Both have horrible roads fully of pot holes and bumps. However, each have a pretty easy to navigate road system in and of themselves.

Both have horrible drivers that are hyper aggressive. It’s possible the drivers in Dallas might just have seemed aggressive, since most of them were in trucks.

Both are FLAT. Seriously, I don’t think I saw a single hill the entire time I was in Dallas.

Both are pretty nice places when you strip away some of the attention grabbing “bad parts.”

All in all it was a good trip. I enjoy working with the client I was onsite to visit. It’s kind of like getting to hang out with friends for a few days. But I’m glad to be back home.

On a side note, I didn’t think it was possible to leave Atlanta and end up somewhere hotter. I was proven wrong. I don’t think the temperature was under 100 degrees any of the three days I was in Dallas. It was just a wall of heat any time you left air conditioning.



  1. Hey Steve,
    I’ve never been to either Atlanta or Dallas. It was good to hear your observations. It’s good to know something about places you’ve never been, especially in the event that you never have the opportunity to experience them firsthand.

    • I wanted to shoot some video while I was driving around, but forgot my flip camera back at home. I could have used my iPhone 4, but sort of needed that for my turn by turn navigation while I was in the car.

      Atlanta’s a great town Bob. If you get a chance to swing through here for a day or two, let me know. I’ll give you a few places to check out and some great restaurants to eat at.

  2. I had to go down a few times for work a few years ago. All I can say is, thank gawd I had Hertz turn by turn nav in the car. I would have been soooo lost.

    • Yeah, I’m so glad I have Navigon installed on my iPhone 4. Made getting around SOOOOO easy.

  3. Dallas is a field day if you’ve ever been to Houston…My roommate is an urban panning student and said that city is used as a case study of why planning needs to happen. After I visited Rice this spring I see why. It was horrid. San Antonio and Austin are the only two cities I’ve been in in Texas that I enjoyed. My life will be fine if I never end up living there.

    • I’ve heard nothing but terrible things about Houston. Funny to hear about the urban planning case study they use it for. I’ve found city planning in the south in general to be relatively lacking.

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