Posted by: steveonfilm | July 14, 2011

Countdown to Carmageddon: The 405 Closure

I’m so glad this will be over with by the time I get to L.A. on Wednesday.

I feel your pain.



  1. So have you been to LA before? Are you going to be actually driving much? Give us an update or two if you get the time!

    • Yeah, I spent about a week in LA five years ago or so. I doubt I’ll have to drive much persoanlly , but if need be I’ll get behind the wheel to swap duities with the friend I’m staying with. I drove a few times when I was in L.A. last time. Sure, it was a mess, but I didn’t think it was much worse than Atlanta or other deadlocked cities I’ve driven in (like D.C.). If anything, it was a bit clamer… and I didn’t have as many jackasses driving their F-150’s around like they were Porsches. People doing that were in ACTUAL Porcshes. I’ll be providing plenty of updates, videos, and pictures during and after the trip.

  2. I agree with you completely about LA driving. I was there this spring and it was actually one of the better cities I had to drive in. Houston and New Orleans were by far worse and we were in LA during the marathon. It also rained two of the three days we were there and the drivers acted like we do in Ohio in a foot of snow. Maybe it was me being overwhelmed by the city but I enjoyed the driving. Good luck on your trip when are you headed out there? Are you just going for pleasure or are you trying to do some business out there?

    • Oh man, I’ve heard Houston is THE WORST.

      Yeah, rain freaks people out there.

      I’ll be out in LA the 20th – 25th.

      Just going for pleasure and to see some old friends.

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