Posted by: steveonfilm | August 4, 2011

The Sights of San Diego Comic Con Day 1

On the second day of my trip to L.A., we headed down to San Diego ComicCon.

I Couldn't Convince Them to Stop

This was my first, and probably, only time heading to ComicCon. I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. Fortunately, what I found wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

Ryley picked a hotel that was away from downtown, which was a smart move. For one, we were away from all the nerdy riffraff. But second, we had a really sweet view of the city across the bay.

View From The Hotel

Transportation wasn’t a problem. San Diego was running shuttles to the convention center all over the city. They ran basically all day and night, so even after a night of boozing you could catch a shuttle ride back to your hotel.

ComicCon was my first real exposure to the idea of cosplay. And we didn’t even get through the front door before we were inundated with it. There were some hits and misses. Here’s an example of some hits.

You Can Still Take Them Out With A Headshot

After grabbing our professional passes [see earlier posts], we headed onto the floor proper and were greeted by giant robots.

Optimus Prime... sort of

After the giant robots, I swung by the Bandai booths to check out some of their smaller brethren. See the blue guy with wings? Yeah, that’s a model kit that costs 300 bucks online. I snagged it in a booth later that day for 175. We’re now referring to it as “project Gundam.”

Gudam Models

While making my way through the floor I found another of the “hits” in the cosplay realm. This time it was a Cylon. I tried to get a picture just of the Cylon itself, but his buddy Captain Random Guy wouldn’t move.

Cylon and Captain Random Guy

I could feel myself pulled further and further onto the floor by an unknown force… I should have known, it was Voltron, Defender of the Universe.

He's the Defender of the Universe

Having been in a solid 80s vibe for the previous hour, it only made sense that I stumbled upon a Delorean.

Back in Time Baby...

The 80s continued to be represented quite well as He-Man decided to show up too.


The both babes were hit and miss… here’s a little of both for the Captain America promo engine.

Skanks, the Lot of Them

Marvel had a pretty sweet fake Iron Man there… even down to the look alike Downey.

Fake Iron Man and Skank Widow

To complete our 80s nostalgia, I had Ryley pose with Robocop… and since we’re both from Detroit and all.

Detroit Represent!

We were getting tired of walking the floor, so we decided to grab a seat at the “Beavis and Butthead” panel. The panel itself was meh. Johnny Knoxville sucked and Mike Judge isn’t as funny on stage as he is with his work. But it was well worth it to see the 15 minutes of preview footage. The new show looks like it’s going to be fun.

Johnny Knoxville and Mike Judge

With the day coming to a close, we decided to get the crew together for some boozing as some overpriced bar in the gas lamp district or whatever.

The Crew

After spending too much money on drinks we headed back to our hotel room to reload for some more shenanigans the next day.

Pictures from day 2 coming soon.



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