Posted by: steveonfilm | November 5, 2011

What It Feels Like

I’ve recently gotten into Scott Myers’s blog “Go Into The Story.” If you want to know what’s been going on with the spec market in Hollywood, “Go Into The Story” is one of your best resources. Scott’s put together a fantastic place to go for insightful conversations on dialog, story, characters, emotion, styles, and a plethora of other things related to writing, screenplays, and movies.

A few days back Scott put up a post that talked about what it means when principal photography begins. While it was an interesting article to read, it was the links he put at the beginning to past articles about breaking into the business that I found the most interesting.

Scott got his break with in the late 80s with the movie ‘K-9,’ staring James Belushi. It was his first spec sale, and started his career as a writer. He writes about the experience of getting “The Phone Call” that Fox wanted to buy his spec script for ‘K-9’. In a subsequent post, he writes about getting “Your First Big Check,” and the realization that he was now a professional.

Both posts are fun an interesting reads that hopefully will prepare you for what it will be like the day you finally “break in” and make it as a writer. I encourage you to check them out, as well as browse around Scott’s blog. It really is a great site.

Keep writing,


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