Posted by: steveonfilm | December 18, 2011

October in L.A.

I came across this video by Garret Murray on Like Cool and just had to share.

I hope to spend my next birthday, which happens to be in late October, in L.A. just like these folks.

This video really catches what the whole southern California vibe is all about.

While our friends on the east coast dealt with a snow storm we spent one of the last days of October at the beach. Living in LA has completely ruined us for seasons.

Shot entirely on my iPhone 4S, edited with Final Cut Pro X. Music is “Midnight City” by M83 from their new album Hurry Up We’re Dreaming.

The song is pretty sweet too. I picked it up in iTunes.

Keep writing!



  1. I really – REALLY – don’t want to de-romanticize the place for you, but for what writers make, LA is a wreck. You have to have a lot of money to live somewhere other than a ghetto, and nobody’s cleaning the place up.

    Love the work. Love the fact that you could live in the awesome parts of LA. But don’t get excited about your initial move to LA. What you can afford may as well be a third world country to the LA you want to live in, and I want you to be prepared for that when you head out there.

    • I think you’re being a bit too harsh. Having stayed with a friend multiple times while visiting, they by no means live in a “ghetto” and make about the same as I do from an income perspective as a writer, likely less. My house might be bigger, but my life isn’t any “better” from a financial and material perspective.

      In addition, I’m married and have the benefit of a second income from my wife.

      Having researched the move significantly, with the assumption the “writing career” never happens and I continue on in IT as I do now, there are plenty of very nice places to move to.

      My plan has always been to live in southern California, regardless of whether I have a career as a writer.

      Hopefully you have a better idea of my perspective on the matter now.

  2. I don’t know what you’re def of a ‘ghetto’ is, but I have friends in various stages of writing success living all over southern CA. Raising kids. Being happy. Working hard. Writing for a living. Working the day job to support and eventually get to ‘writing as a living.’ Whatever. We define our own happiness. That’s my favorite thing about this blog, actually. Steve has his shit together so well, has his priorities nailed down and works every day at getting closer to what he wants for himself and his family.

    • Thanks Dan, I appreciate that.

      I think Kelly was just trying to make sure I didn’t have any delusions of grader that it just takes one sale or paid writing gig to “make it.”

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