Posted by: steveonfilm | January 2, 2012

Random Los Angels Trip Photos

I was going through some folders on my computer this evening and found all my pictures from my trip to Los Angeles this summer.

I’m actually pretty impressed with some of the pictures I managed to take. I mean, these aren’t professional level quality or anything, but I grabbed some nice shots.

I figured I’d share a few that I never got around to posting…

Ryley and Billy D Williams

That’s my buddy Ryley, who I stayed with in LA, and Billy D Williams. While standing in line Ryley pointed out that when you think about it, Billy D’s name is actually William D Williams. We tried to figure out what the D could possibly stand for, and came to the conclusion the only logical choice would be Dawilliam, which would make him William Dawilliam Williams. So yeah, that’s what you do while standing in line at ComicCon to have you picture taken with a “star.”

The Newest Avenger: Sales Guy

All around ComicCon were these fake toy packages you could stand in and look like an action figure. Most people did “hero” poses and shit, but not me. I decided to be “original.” So, what you see here is a picture of the newest Avenger, Sales Guy… Sales guy ALWAYS closes the deal, always

Random Landscape

Here’s a random landscape shot of somewhere on I-5 between San Diego and Los Angeles. The drive going to and from ComicCon was very pleasant both days. Also of note, the two breast shaped domes from The Naked Gun which remind Frank Drebin of Jane can be found along this stretch of highway. I only managed a camera phone shot of those.

Cruising Along PCH

We took a drive on PCH out to Paradise Cove to get brunch and some bloody mary’s. PCH was just as cool and pleasant to drive as you’d expect.

Paradise Cove

And here is Paradise Cove itself. The wait for a table was like an hour, so we said “fuck that” and ordered our bloody mary’s from the bar. Best bloody mary I’ve ever had.

California Street

We went down to Santa Monica to see Dikran one of the days. He lives right by the water in a nice little apartment. Considering it’s location, rent is a steal for him and his wife, though it’s not the nicest place but there are far worse places a guy can live. Anyway, while walking to Dik’s we passed this street sign and I just had to snag a shot. Pretty much sums up the whole trip.

Santa Monica Pier

While in Santa Monica we swung by the pier to see the sights and smells. It was insanely crowded that day, but it was a fun 45 minutes or so.

Venice Skate Park

We also swung down to Venice for a bit. Jesus, I thought Ashville, North Carolina was bad. Venice had a higher density of smelly hippies than anywhere I’d ever been before. It was a nice little stroll, but you always had that vibe you were scared something would touch you that you’d rather not. Unfortunately, no Hank Moody sightings. Shame.

The Original

While walking back to our car in Venice we passed the original Gold’s Gym. I don’t know if it’s still open or not, but it you watch the documentary Pumping Iron, this is where Arnold and company built their bodies.

Awesome Sign

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten at an Arby’s… ever, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate an awesome neon sign when I see one.

KTLA Where News Happens

We passed the KTLA tower on our way back from Venice. Had to snap a shot.

Natural History Museum

This was one of the highlights of my trip, the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum. I’d heard about this exhibit on NPR and knew I wanted to go while I was out in LA. I probably took a good hundred pictures or so, but this one gives you a good idea of the main display floor. Really just a cool, cool exhibit. [Note: The Museum’s 2012 Rose Bowl Parade float was awesome as well.]

LA at Night

As I’ve mentioned before, Ryley lives right by the observatory, so on my last night in LA we went back so I could take some night shots. It was a great way to book end a trip that started and ended at the observatory with amazing pictures of the LA skyline.

I look forward to getting back there some time soon.

Keep writing,

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