Posted by: steveonfilm | March 12, 2012

Looking back, and forward

I’ve started a rewrite on my script “The Collector.” It wasn’t something I had planned on doing. I just happened to open it up for shits and giggles this weekend, and two hours later I was 25+ pages into a full on rewrite.

I finished “The Collector” about two years ago. It was the first script I wrote after “Served Cold.” While I really liked the concept, I never felt I did it justice on the page.

While going over what I wrote I’m astounded just how much I’ve progressed as a writer these last two years. Mind you, I’m not saying that I’m putting down A-list stuff right now, but I can certainly recognize that I’ve grown.

I’m going to keep working on the rewrite as I plug away on the outline for “The Time Tourist.” If I can see this much growth looking back, it makes me even more excited at the type of growth I can manage looking forward.

Keep writing,


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