Posted by: steveonfilm | March 14, 2012

On Having Kids…

My wife and I are at that age now where if we’re going to have kids, we need to do so soon. While yes, people are having children later and later in life, there is a point where it gets more and more difficult to do so.

I mean, for us guys it’s easy… get excited, shake your hips a bit, and boom, your role is done. Our equipment basically works until we’re dead. It’s really an engineering marvel of nature. Parts that don’t wear out.

For women, not so much… there are so many more moving parts involved with conception on their end it’s mind blowing. And the worst thing is that those parts wear down with age. It’s like a car engine… everything is great for those first 50,000 miles, but after that even with just regular standard use things eventually will just stop working. I know, bad analogy, but you get my point.

So, while guys can wait until they’re 70 to have kids, women can’t.

While I think I’d be a good father, I’m just not sure I want to be one… at least not yet. I’ve had a hard time explaining this to my wife, or other people. I could never find the right words. However, last night while traipsing through PVPOnline’s new site (written and drawn by the great Scott Kurtz) I found the following strip from a thread from a few years ago. It sums up where I am perfectly…

It is the “…less of me.”

Keep writing,

NOTE: You can view the original clip here. Also, interesting tidbit, this clip originally was posted on October, 21… my birthday.



  1. From one who knows – because the first kid was a big surprise – you will stop being unsure about being a dad the second you find out you’re going to be one.

    I thought I was unsure too, but when I got the news, I didn’t worry for a single second. I was purely excited, and never had another second of doubt.

  2. Spooky’s right. Having a child is the one true great act I’ve completed in this life. Nothing else comes close or even matters after that.

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