Posted by: steveonfilm | March 22, 2012

Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction (noun)
1. A style of fictional literature or fiction of extreme brevity.
2. A new way to become a Hollywood Screenwriter.

I remember coming across a post on BoingBoing that offered up a simple question:

[Could] a single Marine regiment could take on the Roman Empire?

Now THAT’S a question I want to read a discussion about!

I followed the link from the BoingBoing post to the site Reddit, and for the next hour or so read up on a “flash fiction” story written by a user named Prufrock451 that attempted to answer the question.

It was a lot of fun to read, and a bunch of the posters were commenting that this was a movie that they’d pay to see.

Turns out, some Hollywood types thought the same thing, and contacted Prufrock451, real name James Erwin, to make this thing happen.

Wired has a great article that covers the whole series of events, goes a little more into James Erwin’s life, and how his entry into the screenwriting world has fared so far. It’s a fun read, and just goes to show that in this day and age, even with the finite amount of openings, there are more ways to “break into Hollywood” than ever before.

Keep writing,


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