Posted by: steveonfilm | April 24, 2012

Trailer Tuesday: The Princess Bride

Do you want to know how a trailer can ruin the chances a movie has in the theater? Watch this…

That trailer is GOD AWFUL, and it’s for one of my favorite films of all time.

Considering that the trailer mentions how this film isn’t your “basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run of the mill, ho hum, fairytale” they sure delivered a basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run of the mill, ho hum trailer.

Compare that trailer to this fan re-cut trailer…

Now, THAT get’s me excited. Excitement! Adventure! Giants! Sword fights! Heroes! Villains! It’s emphasizes everything the first trailer doesn’t. It knows what it’s trying to sell. And I think it does it’s job fantastically… granted, the graphics are a little “meh,” but it’s fan cut, so I’ll cut them some slack there.

Anyway, trailers are the thing that get people excited the most about movies. A bad trailer can ruin a films chances. It can also totally mislead an audience as to what a movie is about. Notice nothing about the grandfather/grandson relationship part of the film in the second trailer.

Just a few things to chew on.

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