Posted by: steveonfilm | May 17, 2012


We all live in fear that we’re going to fail at something. Well, at least most sane people do. I’m sure there’s some prick out there who doesn’t think he’ll fail at anything, ever. And that guy also probably doesn’t realize he’s an asshole. But, back to my point, we know that at some point down the line we’re going to screw up something. I’ve written about it myself.

It could be our job. It could be our grocery list. It could be painting. It could be driving. It doesn’t matter. We’re going to screw something up. Fortunately, most of the time our own personal disasters aren’t anything that can’t forgotten over a six pack and a good nap. Also, most of the time our failures aren’t this:

Michael Cimino followed up his Academy Award winning movie The Deer Hunter with Heavens Gate, that due to cost overruns forced the sale of its studio United Artists.

This guy caused a God damn studio to go under! Holy shit! And here we’re worried that our screenplays blow and we suck as writers.

Does it get worse than that? Unfortunately, yeah, it kind of does.

As he has a plethora of times before, Scott Myers posted (or reposted) a great article on The Business of Screenwriting at his fantastic site Go Into The Story. The article is titled “You Will Fuck Up,” and man does it read like a disaster list.

At the same time, it also provides some comfort. If any of us have the talent, work ethic, and luck to make it as a professional, we’re likely going to stumble at one of the things Scott mentions (though, hopefully we don’t bring down a studio).

It’s a fast read, and there’s a story at the end of the article that really puts some stuff about failure into perspective.

Keep writing,


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