Posted by: steveonfilm | June 11, 2012

Giant Ship

I’m still recovering from my vacation. I was at work today, but in somewhat of a daze. I’m tired. I still have sea legs. And I couldn’t really concentrate all that much. I guess, in retrospect, it wasn’t any different than a normal Monday.

Overall the vacation was a blast. The Allure of the Seas is an amazing engineering marvel. I kept having to remind myself that I was, in fact, on a giant floating object in the ocean and not in some building somewhere.

The ports were mostly fun. I say mostly because I’m sure I would have had more fun in Jamaica had the Jamaicans not been so annoying. I’ve never been badgered so often for tips in my life. I had a guy ask for a tip just for telling me where the bathroom was. It’s not like they were charming either, or tried to earn it, they just flat out asked for tips. And when they weren’t doing that they were badgering you to buy the 20 dollar pictures they took of you that you A: didn’t ask for, and B: told them you weren’t going to buy when they were taking it. Buy hey, maybe it was just the town we were in…

Also, the Allure rescued 5 Cubans on a life raft somewhere off the west coast of Cuba. We then turned them over to the US Coast Guard a few hours later. I got to watch it all unfold from my balcony room. It was pretty cool.

I’m gonna read a script tonight and then get back into outlining things for ‘The Anti-Heroes’ starting tomorrow.

Keep writing,


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