Posted by: steveonfilm | June 18, 2012

A New Addition

I keep trying to get into a real weekend routine with my writing. But thus far things haven’t gone the way I’ve wanted. For example, take this weekend…

My wife’s lease was up on her Infiniti EX. We’ve enjoyed the “crossover” so much that we decided we might as well just buy it. However, my wife had always liked the looks of the Audi Q5, so she wanted to test drive that first, just to make sure she wasn’t missing out. So we went to an Audi dealer, test drove one, she didn’t like it, and we went over to our Infiniti dealer to make the “used car” purchase of our current lease.

We met with one of the finance guys. Chatted for a bit. I filed the appropriate paperwork. After about a half hour things settled and I got a great rate for a used car (2.8 percent) and we got a deal on a 5 year extended warranty. Up until this point the whole process had taken about 3 hours from the time we’d left our house (Audi dealer, lunch, Infiniti dealer).

As we were leaving I stopped to look at one of the G37’s on the lot. I’ve always like the G37. It’s one of the few cars other than an Audi A4 that I had considered looking into getting. The finance guy we were working with said, “If you want to take if for a spin I can get a key.” I though, “Shit, why not. We’ve been here long enough.” He came back with the key and we took off.

I REALLY enjoyed the drive. While we were cruising he mentioned an insane lease deal. Now, I’m not usually a fan of leases. However, my A4 had over 100K miles and needed new tires, a suspension, and I think the A/C was starting to go on it. So my eyes and ears have been open for a potential “right place, right time” to get out of my car. We got back, I looked at the numbers for the lease, and said, “What do you think you’d give me for my A4?” They needed to see it first. So the wife and I drove home. Let the dogs out. Freshened up a bit. And went back to the dealer, this time in my car. Now we’re a good 6 hours into the day and crossing dinner time.

The dealer offered me enough as a trade in on my A4 to cover the remaining amount I owed on it, a higher milage per year lease, my tax, tag, title, some options, and my first payment. That was basically enough. I signed the paperwork and now have a brand new Infiniti G37 parked in my garage. By the time we were done, it was about 7:20 PM (after closing time) and the wife and I needed to still eat.

We drove to the nearby Whole Foods, got a few groceries, and came home. We cooked a late dinner, cleaned up the house a bit, and finally flopped on the bed exhausted at about 10:00. So, for writing, Saturday was a bust. Sunday was Father’s Day, and we spent most of it with my in-laws, and then I had to do yard work. Fortunately, I did manage to write for a few hours last night, but it wasn’t the 6-10 hours I’d planned to this weekend.

Thus, the weekend rated as follows:

No Time To Write
Got Hay-fever
Forgot to Floss

Got A New Fucking Car!

I’d say it was still a good weekend in my book.

Keep writing,


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